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Home to some of the most luxurious and beautiful private island resorts (most featuring overwater bungalows and suites), the Maldives offers the ultimate setting for a dream vacation, honeymoon or family escape.

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France has been the world's most popular tourist destination for quite some time. It received 83.7 million visitors in 2014, although these figures are highly skewed by the number of people who frequent the country for the weekend, particularly to visit Disneyland Paris, Europe's most popular visitor attraction. France is one of the most geographically…

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Saint Martins

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Shimla – Manali

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Many first-time visitors arrive in Bangladesh with specific images in mind and are surprised to discover a country with such regional and architectural diversity. The famous whitewashed homes and charming blue-domed churches only characterize a specific region of the country (the Cycladic islands).

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